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Intimidated by graphic design software but you know you need to learn it?

Maybe you've never designed anything in your life, or maybe you're afraid to take on yet another task for your business... even though you need to create your own graphics to grow your biz.

Well, good news for you! Canva is one of the funnest, easiest graphic design programs out there to use, and it's a powerhouse of free tools that you can use to speed up your content creation. Even if you've never designed anything in your life!

In fact, this past year, I switched from Adobe and started solely using Canva to create my social media graphics and templates for sale! And in this free mini course, I'm going to show you how to use the basic features of Canva to create stunning graphics for your creative business or blog.

Here's what you'll learn in this free mini course:

How to start a new document or import a pre-made template

How to change your fonts and colors to match your branding

How to add new design elements like photos, stickers, and more

How to export and share your designs for use as freebies, blog graphics, and social posts

meet your Instructor

Hi, I'm Kari

I'm the designer and blogger at Creative Day and I've been creating brands and websites for over half a decade. In that time, I’ve also helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and creative business owners find a short cut to success through my done-for-you designer Canva templates.

Join me in this free class on Canva to learn how to quickly and easily create your own graphics, even if you've never designed a thing before!

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Disclaimer: This course is in no way approved by or associated with Canva. It has been created through my own use of the Canva platform as a professional designer and digital product creator. I do not guarantee results, as all outcomes are dependent upon each person’s skill set and application of the course materials. However, I do think it will be easier for you to design great graphics and edit my templates if you watch this course!

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